• 11.16.2015
    Winchester Long Beard XR™ - Tight Patterns on a Black Grouse Hunt?
    We tested whether Winchester's new premium shot Long Beard XR™ 49g would be a good choice for a bird hunt? Shot-Lok™ teknology is promised to give tight patterns at long distances.
    On test there was a shot No.4. Example patterns were shot with full choke at 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 55m ja 60m (lead ;=)) distances. (Copper plated shots in a buffer)
    See pattern with M choke at 35m distance »
  • 23.6.2014
    Remington Nitro Magnum's 'little brother' in length 2 3/4 inch (70 mm)
    Shotgunpattern.net took a few test shots of Remington Nitro Magnum in length 2 3/4 inches / 70 mm (which is normally sold in 3 inches magnum). The recoild was noticeable according to my shoulder... :=)
    We tested shots No. 6 (2,7 mm) and No. 4 (3,2 mm). The 'little brother' was giving pretty good patterns, especially in shot No. 6 (see patterns #1600 and #1602)
    See the winner of the test »
  • 28.3.2014
    Magnum lead shots in shot size #6 (2,7 mm) in a test
    Shotgunpattern.net tested magnum shots in shot size No. 6. Shotshells which were tested were Saga Magnum, Rottweil Magnum and Winchester Super Speed Gen2 (see the best pattern in each link)
    In addition to that we tried Muller Chokes (made in U.S.A.) models H20 Passing (waterfowl inside 31-50 yards) and Decoy (waterfowl inside 30 yards)
    See an example of steel shot pattern »
  • 10.7.2013
    UnA-Tungsten - heavy pellet material in a test
    Shotgunpattern.net tested long distance shotgun patterns. Lead shots Remington Nitro Magnum and Fiocchi Magnum gave 'not bad' patterns at 40m distance (lead density 11,34 g/cm3).
    UnA-Tungsten's (density 18,5 g/cm3) hit percentage was 65% at 60m distance with a proper combination! UnA-materials www.unlimitedammo.fi
    See the results »
  • 5.6.2013
    Winchester Blind Side - square pellets in waterfowl hunting?
    Shotgunpattern.net patterned Winchester Blind Side, which is a steel shot containing square pellets. Two shotguns and a few chokes were used in the tests. The best pattern of this test had 4 void circles
    at 35 meters distance. There were 114-137 hits in the target circle, depending on the combination. The patterns were shot by Beretta and Baikal shotguns...
    See the results »

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Winchester Super-X Drylock Super Steel shotgun cartridge | patterns (1..1)

[anthak 2013-07-30 10:27:58] # 1248
Ase Baikal MP 153 (12/89) Semi-automatic
Year of manufacture: 2010

Patruuna Winchester Super-X Drylock Super Steel No. 2 Shell 70 mm / Shot 3.75 mm / 36 g (Steel)
Year of manufacture: 2010

Supistaja Improved Modified (IM) Carlson's Sporting Clays

Distance: 35 m
Diameter of the target circle: 75 cm
Temperature: +20 C

67 %
64 %
36 %
Density: 1.76
Inner ring hits 40 pieces
Outer ring hits 68 pieces

Voids: 8

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Game targets

Canada goose
Capercaillie male
Hazel grouse
Crow (pest bird)

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